How to promote your cannabis brand safely:

How to promote your cannabis brand? Don’t be penalized on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media for marketing your cannabis dispensary.

Need tips for keeping your Facebook page published, how to advertise dispensary specials without getting banned or unpublished? We have FREE tips for you!

  1. never post prices for your products. Never. Don’t.do.it. You will be flagged immediately and break Facebooks community standards for “selling illegal drugs.” Their exact message is: “To encourage safety and compliance with common legal restrictions, we prohibit attempts by individuals, manufacturers, and retailers to purchase, sell, or trade non-medical drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, and MARIJUANA.” (see, there is the magic word)
  2. never use the word marijuana or cannabis (or Lemon, for some reason! lol).
  3. post lovely images of your cannabis and use a hashtag to describe it or create a page on your website that will redirect users to go there and see more information about the strain/edible/wax/whatever product you’re pushing
  4. Use your website as the base for all of your products. Don’t just rely on Google Business or FB, IG, etc. Your facebook page has a good chance of being removed if you’re in the cannabis business (we know this from experience)
  5. Post videos on youtube about your products. Reviews are a great way to entice your patients and invite customers from other dispensaries to come to yours….because you’re the expert on the product they are using. Keep videos 3 minutes or less. Anything over that will bore them.

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Your marijuana brand matters. Your cannabis dispensary brand is your reputation. It’s what you’re known for and how people feel about you. It’s about bringing who you are to what you do and how you do it. Delivering your brand clearly and consistently will create a memorable experience in the minds of those you interact with and can open doors to new opportunities.
A web design strategy results in a strong web presence among many other aspects that lead you to success.

Your website is the entire package, the website is the packaging of that parcel. Your website ought to be an experience for your customers.

Keep your users engaged with fast and direct content so that you can get your message across in the short time your viewers have. 30 seconds to 3 minutes videos have more lasting impact and users are more apt to watch instead of feeling bored with your message.
Marketing is the set of tools you use to promote your dispensary. This includes SEO, social media, local search, mobile, and traditional promotional methods and tools. Get your products (edibles, flower, concentrates, vapes) out there for patients to see.Creating website layouts and user friendly practices helps your dispensary patients find your products, see what they are ordering, learn about each strain or product, and gets their orders in quickly.Cannabis photos and products are what entice your patients. Our staff are all photographers who have a keen eye for product detail and how to position your products in a photo. We also sell cannabis stock photos and videos for a monthly subscription service.

4 Quick & Easy Steps

We like to keep it simple, yet effective. We will meet to discuss your vision, then creative a plan and concept, put it all together, and you will be up and running in a short time. We are known to bring on the smiles 🙂

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to go over your vision, what your needs are

We’ve done this before and have a plan that helps businesses like yours get in to meet and get right to business. Our quick set of questions is a masterpiece for success.


You share with us your dispensary vision and we put together a plan to execute that idea.

Our years in marketing and design will bring your visions to life!


Dispensaries want to produce weed products that entice marijuana patients. It’s proven that people are attracted to products that hit on their senses.

We produce results and happy dispensary owners and patients.


Our #1 goal is to bring happiness to everyone. When you’re happy, those around you are, too.

Isn’t it nice knowing that your cannabis products help patients feel happy? We hit on that same idea when helping you market your dispensary products, advertisements, YouTube videos, ads, and social media posts.




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Satisfied and happy customers. That’s always been our goal. Dispensary Tucson SAINTS“Weed marketing doesn’t seem like its necessary. When the market is as competitive as it is now, we definitely felt the need to hire you guys to get our specials and weed deals out there to our community. Our edibles are now flying off the shelves. Cool people to work with, too. I consider you family.
We needed help keeping our Facebook page online, getting our deals out to our patients. The Lovely Leaf did just that!” author=”Weed Cannabis Ben” company=”Marijuana Men”][boxed_testimonial image=”313″ quote=”Our goal was to showcase our marijuana grow, and show how lovely the marijuana plant is. Thanks for creating and marketing our instagram page, Lovely Leaf!” author=”Herb 420 Canada”
“We didn’t have time to create out own website or maintain our social media pages. You guys were perfect for keeping our patients happy with updated weed product pictures everyday.” author=”MaryJaneBotanicals”
“Vaping cannabis companies are everywhere now. You guys and gals helped us get our products familiarized here in California. Thanks man” author=”420 Stud”


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