growing weed in an aerogarden How To

Can you grow weed in an aerogarden? Yes!

Can you grow weed in an aerogarden? Another popular email we keep getting. the short answer is: Yes! There are several really amazing websites out there that offer good tips and tricks on setting up a successful aerogarden to grow marijuana in. Now that Arizona allows 6 plants per person (12 per household)!

  1. get one of the aerogardens (elite or higher) that has a higher light source. Click here to see one that we’ve known to work If you want to grow the entire grow period in your Aerogarde, stick with a larger style. I have done this, but fair warning that the plant will not grow that large and you will later wish that you moved it into a DWC setup. Trust me. Aerogardens are great for clones or sprouting seedlings; they are not a perfect environment for full growth.
  2. buy additional lights SpiderFarmer, MarsHydro, VivaSun
  3. buy additional pump/air rocks for the water bin. We’ve seen growers try to grow huge weed plants in a smaller unit and the roots rot from stagnant water.
  4. don’t use the “food” that comes with the aerogarden. Use THIS (click to see on amazon)
  5. only plant ONE seeding or clone. Don’t fill the entire other aerogarden spots. Your grow will be way too full=root rot, out of space. Close the holes that you aren’t using.
  6. buy seeds of strains that will stay shorter. The aerogarden goes about 24/2 ft or 3ft in height. you’ll also need to top it. Usually indicas stay shorter. You can purchase from HERE